Wing Chit Industrial Estate


As a manufacturer with strong experience in the field of toys and premiums, we not only produce large quantities of OEM products for world-renowned brands and clients, but also carry over 5,000 ODM items for clients interested in distribution.

We established Wing Chit, a modern industrial estate, in 2001. Ownership of this estate allows us to control costs and ensure product quality. Located in Dongguan, China, this 110,000 square-meter estate is composed of several factory blocks, each capable of acting as a stand-alone factory that can complete an entire production flow from injection to packaging.

Our industrial estate also includes fully-featured dormitories for up to 3,000 workers, and is well-equipped with leisure and cafeteria facilities. Comprehensive training programs for factory workers are held on a regular basis, teaching them about the latest manufacturing techniques and technologies.

While our primary specialization is handling plastic injection of small toys and premiums, we also have the facilities to handle food contact products and candy toys.